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Neuromodulation Specialist


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If you experience chronic musculoskeletal pain and it doesn’t respond to at-home treatments like ice and rest, consider neuromodulation. Neuromodulation uses spinal cord stimulation to relieve pain and encourage mobility. At CoreSmart, double board-certified interventional pain management physician Jarrod Friedman, MD, and Betsy Gottlieb, NP-C use neuromodulation to relieve chronic pain and help people live active and rewarding lives. To make an appointment in Boca Raton or West Palm Beach, Florida, call our office at 561-923-9599 or visit us online today.

Neuromodulation Q&A

What is neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation uses advanced technology to relieve chronic pain. Specifically, it applies technology that affects the way your nerves communicate with your brain.

At CoreSmart, Dr. Friedman provides neuromodulation with spinal cord or peripheral nerve  stimulators. They are implantable devices that help relieve back,extremity, and/orneck pain. Once placed, the stimulator releases targeted electrical impulses, altering or blocking pain signals from reaching your brain.

Neuromodulation is minimally invasive and presents few risks. As a result, it’s considered a much safer alternative to traditional orthopedic surgery.

What conditions can benefit from neuromodulation?

At CoreSmart, Dr. Friedman uses neuromodulation to treat various conditions, including:

  • Back pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Visceral abdominal and perineal pain
  • Peripheral Nerve Pain

You might also benefit from neuromodulation if you have peripheral neuropathy or another type of permanent nerve damage.

What does neuromodulation involve?

At CoreSmart, neuromodulation involves several steps:

Step one: Trial period

Before recommending neuromodulation, Dr. Friedman prescribes a trial period. Without the need for an incision, Dr. Friedman places two electrodes using a simple needle. The electrodes connect to a small battery that is about the size of a silver dollar that is taped to the skin.

You wear the stimulator for a few days to see if it helps reduce your pain. If you experience a 50% reduction in pain (or more), you’re a candidate for permanent placement.

Step two: Permanent placement of the spinal cord stimulator

Permanent placement occurs at a hospital or a surgical facility. Dr. Friedman refers out for permanent placement.

How long does a spinal cord stimulator last?

Spinal cord stimulators typically last 5-10 years*. They can also be reprogrammed as necessary. 

When patients come in, they may have had a spinal cord stimulator placed a long time ago. In that case, CoreSmart can have it reprogrammed.

Your provider can contact the specific representative of the company that is used for your stimulator — such as Medtronic, Abbott, Boston Scientific, etc. They will work together to have your stimulator reprogrammed so that it continues offering you pain relief.

That said, rechargeable devices tend to last longer than their non-chargeable counterparts. After an in-office appointment, Dr. Friedman can recommend a neuromodulation device that aligns with your budget and needs.

To see if you’re a candidate for neuromodulation, make an appointment at CoreSmart by calling our office at 561-923-9599 or visiting us online today.

*Individual results may vary.